Hybrid and Age-Integrated Model

Hybrid Education Model:

Sovereign King Academy is a hybrid school, which functions in a different manner than a private school or a homeschool co-op. Homeschool co-op classes are typically taught by parent volunteers and typically meet once or twice a week. Hybrid schools are more like a private school/homeschool hybrid where classes are taught by paid, professional teachers and typically meet more frequently (in conjunction with home-schooling the remainder of the days). Sovereign King Academy will meet 3 days a week for general instruction and parents will be equipped to administer at-home instruction the remaining two days.

Additionally, parents are encouraged to take a deeper dive into their children’s education by coming alongside, or taking the lead, in their at-home instruction time. This may include supplementing additional material or assignments, encouraging their child to dig deeper into a particular subject of interest, or simply reading or working alongside their child on their assigned work. In addition, time is allotted on home-education days for personalized instruction or programs, which parents may choose and tailor to their child’s interests. These may include learning a second language, art, music, sports, technology, etc.


Sovereign King Academy is an age-integrated school. We strive to maintain a 8:1 student/teacher ratio in the classroom. In an age-integrated program, students across all grade levels in our elementary school (1st to 4th grades) learn the same academic material but to varying levels of engagement determined by grade, age, and assessed abilities. The same process begins again in our middle school (5th to 8th grades). The exception to this are our English and math programs which are further broken down into basic skills training and advanced skills training.

This method of education is nothing new. For centuries, education has successfully operated in a familial, age-integrated context (be it home education or the one-room schoolhouse). It wasn't until the industrial revolution that education was outsourced to the government and classroom education shifted from a family mentality (age-integrated) to a litter mentality (everyone the same age). God has created us to function within the context of family. This concept also better reflects real life—older students help younger students and they all serve one another. Student's learn that they are needed and need others. The bottom line is students thrive when they have been set up to succeed. To that end, Sovereign King Academy has been established to help families succeed in the God-honoring education of their children!