The Battle In Front of You (The Patriarchy Podcast) featuring BJ Newman

Mar 14, 2024    Pastor Joseph Spurgeon, BJ Newman

In this episode of the Patriarchy podcast, Joseph interviews BJ Newman, an Air Force chaplain and Presbyterian minister, about how men can be effective in today's world. The conversation covers various topics, including the Jewish question, the importance of family, focusing locally, and prioritizing institutions over popularity. The conversation explores the importance of building institutions and focusing on localism. It emphasizes the long-lasting impact of institutions compared to fleeting social media influence. The discussion also highlights the significance of fighting today's battles and addressing the most important issues first.


Family should be the top priority for men, as it is the primary place where they can have a lasting impact and pass on the faith to the next generation.

Men should focus their efforts locally, in their families, churches, and communities, rather than getting caught up in debates and discussions on social media.

Institutions, such as the church, should be prioritized over personal popularity or fame, as they have a greater potential for long-term impact and influence.

By prioritizing family, local focus, and institutions, men can make a significant difference in their immediate surroundings and contribute to a more God-glorifying culture. Building institutions, such as churches, schools, publishing houses, and community businesses, can create a lasting legacy that goes beyond individual influence.

Focusing on localism and participating in institutions can have a greater impact than pursuing popularity or online platforms.

It is important to fight today's battles by addressing the pressing issues of the culture, such as questions about sexuality, gender, and anthropology.

Dealing with the most important issues first, such as teaching the fundamentals of faith and addressing practical concerns, can lead to a fruitful and impactful ministry.

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